Waking up bright and early to kick off your adventures in Banff National Park is always a great idea! And there’s nothing like a solid cup of coffee to help get you moving. I recently had the pleasure of spending a week in Banff and loved trying out a cozy new local coffee shop each morning to fuel up for the day. The best part was, each of these cafes in Banff had lovely breakfast options to compliment the perfect brew!

Where to Find the Best Coffee in Banff, Canada

Here are my top 3 recommendations for the best coffee in Banff:


This cute cafe in Banff has a great selection of eats to pair with their well-balanced and high quality espresso drinks. Good Earth was the first stop of the trip and one I will always remember, since I rediscovered my love for flat whites here! Jess and I came here the morning of our dogsledding tour for breakfast & coffee before making our way to Canmore. The coffee here is direct & ethical trade, and they offer almond & soy milk in case you like to opt for milk substitutes. The baristas are approachable, knowledgable and certainly know how to pour an excellent espresso drink to help kick start your day! This local spot has plenty of seating (even on a busy weekend morning), making it perfect to sit and stay to enjoy your breakfast.


Good Earth Coffee House, Banff, Alberta, Canada


I ended up at Whitebark twice during my time in Banff, because I loved that they had a variety of milk substitutes to choose from: oat, almond or soy. Their coffee is organic, fair-trade and roasted in Vancouver. I ordered an oat milk flat white along with the housemade granola bowl and it was so delicious, I still dream about it to this day! You can purchase a package of their granola to take some home with you (obviously, I couldn’t resist!). The baristas and staff are relaxed and friendly, despite how busy they are. The cafe itself is rather small and has limited seating, but since the it is attached to a hotel, you can always walk on through to find additional tables and sofas. I would recommend this as more of a grab-and-go type spot, but in doing so, definitely don’t skip the granola bowl!


Whitebark Cafe, Banff, Alberta, Canada


Locally owned and operated, this bustling bakery and coffee shop is located in the heart of downtown Banff. The coffee here is organic, fair-trade and served in a ceramic cup inviting you to sit down and stay to enjoy your morning selections. At Wild Flour, there is something for everyone to start their day in Banff! With lots of food and pastry items to choose from, I was pleased to see that vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and raw options were readily available. I loved their soy flat whites, yogurt bowl and cinnamon toast! Even if you don’t make it in for breakfast, stop in for lunch or a midday snack to enjoy their freshly baked breads and homemade cookies.


Wild Flour Artisan Bakery Cafe, Banff, Alberta, Canada

If you plan to visit Banff, I hope you get the chance to stop into each of these coffee shops and enjoy this simple morning coffee ritual before you head out on your winter adventures, like I did!

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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Banff, Canada