Toronto is no stranger to the hipster coffee scene, and it holds some of the coolest and coziest coffee shops to get your caffeine fix. During my recent trip to Toronto, I tasted some of the most expertly roasted beans and brewed coffee that this city has to offer. What's more, you'll find so much character from the floors to the ceilings of these top notch cafes. Remember how much I gushed over Dineen Coffee? Well, there is so much more where that came from in the Greater Toronto Area.

Where to Coffee in Toronto


At Dundas and Brock, a bold greeting awaits as you enter Safehouse Coffee. The highly Instagrammable floor tiles make for the perfect backdrop against your fancy shoes or your morning latte. A simple menu of well-prepared espresso drinks and baked goods plus a great music selection are what you'll find. I tasted my first chai tea latte here and I was not disappointed!

Safehouse coffee in toronto


With one of the smoothest house-made vanilla lattes I've ever had, Dineen not only takes the cake for its flawless pours, but has an interior that will floor you. From the vintage ceiling lights to the pretty little tiles, you'll find the design and ambiance is a bit (read: a whole lot) nicer than your average coffee shop.

vanilla latte and biscotti at dineen coffee in toronto


Known to be a coffee legend in the city of Toronto, I had to give Sam James a try. The verdict? I am so glad I did. Carefully crafted espresso drinks are their specialty and for good reason -- a perfectly pulled shot and an even more perfect pour is what I received. This isn't the ideal place to park yourself, given the limited seating. But with five locations to choose from, you can certainly stop in anytime you wish!

sam james coffee bar in toronto
sam james coffee bar in toronto


Catering to those who fancy the bright and minimalist design, Reunion Island lured me in with their famous floor tiles that spell 'COFFEE' at the establishment's doorstep. Reunion Island offers up a solid cup of coffee with which to start your day. From sourcing the beans to brewing the coffee, they carefully control each variable that goes into curating their product. To maintain the subtle flavors in the single origin coffee beans, Reunion Island serves up light roasts only.

coffee and tiles at reunion island coffee in toronto


Typewriters fill the shelves of this cafe slash cocktail bar that serves a little something for everyone. Come for the coffee and stay for the cocktails. Should you decide to stick around and turn pages in this cozy cafe, get comfortable and order something delicious to nibble on from their food menu.

page one cafe in toronto


A name that boasts nostalgia from your childhood days will not disappoint. Offering a huge selection of board games and snacks to accompany your latte, this lively coffee shop is sure to entertain into the wee hours of the night. Open until midnight on weekdays and until 2am on the weekends, Snakes & Lattes is the perfect spot to cozy up with your friends on a chilly Toronto night.

Photo by  Snakes & Lattes
Photo by  Snakes & Lattes


Although the Instagram-famous soft serve ice cream cones are all the hype at Sweet Jesus, the establishment also holds a killer espresso bar! Serving an espresso blend roasted by de Mello, you must give their decadent lattes a try. After consuming my entire daily caloric intake via the Cookies Cookies Cookies & Cream soft serve cone, I was too far into a sugar coma to try anything else, but I'll definitely be back again to order their famous Burnt Marshmallow Latte!

photo by  Sweet Jesus

photo by Sweet Jesus

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Where to coffee in toronto